Walking the Length of Britain

A Journal

Stepping Out of the Railway Tracks
A journey on foot cross country from Lands End at the end of England to John O'Groats at the top of Scotland
88 days.

Lands End to John O'Groats (LeJog) - A Journal

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A number of years ago, Philip and I undertook a wonderful journey. We walked from Land’s End to John o’Groats – from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland. We traveled mostly on Public Footpaths or linked established Long Distance Paths. We made every endeavor to avoid roads. We wanted to experience the United Kingdom in the way the old pilgrims did. Philip and I wished to feel close to the world we walked through.

We are an ordinary couple and at the time were in our mid-forties. I would like to share our journey with others because most people would imagine someone undertaking such a venture to be a strapping and sporty type with much experience. However, Philip and I had never done any long distance walking and very little camping. We love the outdoors but we had spent most of our married life bringing up a family. When our children reached late teens and early twenties we decided to do something special together. This walk became our dream, our plan and then our reality. Our preparation took 12 months and our walk took 88 days. It was a test of our fortitude, our relationship and our mental strength. We managed somehow to pass all these tests and we did not even get a blister!

This journal tells of our experiences and my personal view of the landscape and feelings as the journey progressed. There is also some practical and historical information included. I am an Australian and it is Britain through my eyes. I kept a daily diary and collected information along the way. These notebooks were regularly posted off and a new one purchased.

I hope that if you read this FREE journal, it will inspire you to do something special with your own life because when you read my story, you will know that you can do it.

Marilyn and Philip Slater

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